Okay… like I have no idea what I’m doing. I just know that October 28 was supposed to be a really significant day.

I was going to find out that I was doomed to some form of dementia. The only question I had was… like, when?

How does this happen? I know Dr. Google is very flawed. And so is the orthodox medical system, at least as it is practiced in the US, based solely on my personal experience.

Disclaimer: I’m loaded. I’ve been eating cookies and drinking bourbon. I don’t even know If I am doing the right thing… whatever the fuck that is.

I’m also resuming my searches for cheap ways to get to Mexico, so just send some super-positive vibes and I’ll be happen.

Otherwise… enjoy this debut post to my new blog. I know you must be waiting…. with…. anti… ci… pation.

A new adventure

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